Monday, January 28, 2013

My Experience with Lifebushido

Lifebushido is a company that offers Virtual Assistance jobs to those who looks for genuine work from home assignments. I first heard about this company from a classified website. Using the information provided with website, I applied for a job and they mail be details for further recruitment process. It was about one month and one week ago I have applied for a job. My first communication with Lifebushido started from 12/12/12. They have got a unique way of application process. I uploaded my application and resume in the given portal site, Llifebushido tied up with for managing prospective applicant's application data and other relevant information online.

After few weeks, I received a mail from Lifebushido, explaining about the application process and tasks that I need to complete to take my application process to the next level. These tasks are assigned to new applicants only, and it takes about 5 hours to complete. During the same time, I received my next mail from them that explained about Lifebushido Triangle process and its importance. I was also informed that once these tasks were completed, the applicants would be given another set of tasks and then eventually would be taken to the next level of process and Lifebushido Triangle finally.

  So far, I have completed most of the first set of tasks that have been assigned to me. I gets response on each task that I completed and they update me with details. I came to know that Lifebushido offers varieties of Virtual Assistance assignments online for people who wants to do part time work from home. I look forward a very fruitful association with this company and a rewarding career ahead. 

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