Sunday, October 4, 2009

Puppy Linux - Small but Powerfull and Feature Rich Distribution

What is Puppy Linux?

Puppy Linux is an operating system for computers. Other well-known operating systems are Microsoft Windows, Apple OSX, and MS-DOS. Puppy Linux is based on GNU/Linux. It is completely free and open source software.

Puppy really is small, the live-CD typically being 85MB, yet there really is a complete set of GUI applications. Being so small, Puppy usually loads completely into RAM, which accounts for the incredible speed.

To download, just open the link and browse

The documentation is also available at the website.

How is Puppy Different?

  • Small size, ~100MB! This lends itself to some very useful and unique features.
  • 'Live' booting from CDs, DVDs, USB flash drives, and other portable media.
  • Runs from RAM, making it unusually fast even in old PCs and in netbooks with solid state storage media.
  • Very low minimum system requirements.
  • Boot time is well under a minute, 30-40 seconds in most systems.
  • Includes a wide range of applications: wordprocessors, spreadsheets, internet browsers, games, image editors and many utilities. Extra software in the form of dotpets. There is a GUI Puppy Software Installer included.
  • Puppy is easy to use and little technical knowledge is assumed. Most hardware is automatically detected.

Puppy Linux Screenshot


Friday, January 30, 2009

Blueman - Feature Rich Bluetooth Manager for Linux

I have been searching for easy to use bluetooth manager for Linux with gprs dial up connection support. Its not so easy for a normal user to connect gprs internet via bluetooth. After i did a lot of googling, I have found Blueman.

For Ubuntu, blueman is already a part of Ubuntu ready to install Package. But for Fedora, no rpm package is available till date. I request Fedora packagers to build a rpm version of Blueman and made it available for Fedora users so that anybody can manage bluetooth connection so easily with the click of mouse. Since I am not from the programming background, i am not able to package it.

Some of the features of Blueman are given here. For more details, please visit

Blueman is a GTK+ Bluetooth Manager

Blueman is designed to provide simple, yet effective means for controlling BlueZ API and simplifying bluetooth tasks such as:

  • Connecting to 3G/EDGE/GPRS via dial-up
  • Connecting to/Creating bluetooth networks
  • Connecting to input devices
  • Connecting to audio devices
  • Sending/Receiving/Browsing files via OBEX
  • Pairing

Blueman also integrates with Network Manager 0.7, so any Dialup/Network connections will be made available (via HAL) to Network Manager.

  • python-gtk2 (>= 2.12)
  • bluez-gnome (>= 0.25)
  • bluez-utils (3.26 <= x <= 3.28)
  • python-bluez
  • python-dbus
  • python-notify
  • policykit (>= 0.7)
  • obex-data-server
Build Dependencies:
  • libbluetooth-dev
  • python2.5-dev
  • python-distutils-extra