Friday, January 30, 2009

Blueman - Feature Rich Bluetooth Manager for Linux

I have been searching for easy to use bluetooth manager for Linux with gprs dial up connection support. Its not so easy for a normal user to connect gprs internet via bluetooth. After i did a lot of googling, I have found Blueman.

For Ubuntu, blueman is already a part of Ubuntu ready to install Package. But for Fedora, no rpm package is available till date. I request Fedora packagers to build a rpm version of Blueman and made it available for Fedora users so that anybody can manage bluetooth connection so easily with the click of mouse. Since I am not from the programming background, i am not able to package it.

Some of the features of Blueman are given here. For more details, please visit

Blueman is a GTK+ Bluetooth Manager

Blueman is designed to provide simple, yet effective means for controlling BlueZ API and simplifying bluetooth tasks such as:

  • Connecting to 3G/EDGE/GPRS via dial-up
  • Connecting to/Creating bluetooth networks
  • Connecting to input devices
  • Connecting to audio devices
  • Sending/Receiving/Browsing files via OBEX
  • Pairing

Blueman also integrates with Network Manager 0.7, so any Dialup/Network connections will be made available (via HAL) to Network Manager.

  • python-gtk2 (>= 2.12)
  • bluez-gnome (>= 0.25)
  • bluez-utils (3.26 <= x <= 3.28)
  • python-bluez
  • python-dbus
  • python-notify
  • policykit (>= 0.7)
  • obex-data-server
Build Dependencies:
  • libbluetooth-dev
  • python2.5-dev
  • python-distutils-extra


Anonymous said...

Hi Rishikesh,

Blueman is great tool and it's on my todo list. But there are several issues with it that first need to be fixed:

Blueman 0.5 requires patches in bluez and AFAIK the blueman developer never tried to get them upstream, so it's very unlikely that they will ever show up in Fedora.

Blueman 0.6 is not released, only as a snapshot. And I think it also requires the patched bluez.

For Rawhide and F11 we would need blueman 1.0, because it's the only release compatible with bluez 4.x. Blueman 1.0 isn't ready ether but still under heavy development.

Until blueman is in Fedora, I suggest to use NetworkManager for GPRS/UMTS Dialup over bluetooth. All you need to do is edit your /etc/bluetooth/rfcomm.conf to make rfcomm automagically connect to the phone. The rest can easily be done with NetworkManager.

Rishikesh Sharma said...

Thanks cwickert for the comment. Can you please tell me in details how to make it work by editing rfcomm.conf via bluetooth.