Saturday, January 8, 2011

Limited Edition: Macallan's Rs7.2 Lakh Whisky

The Macallan, the famous producer of Scotch whisky, is selling a very limited edition 64-year-old whisky as part of its Macallan's Masters of Photography series.

Only 36 bottles of the whisky, distilled in 1946, will go on sale this year for $16,000 (approx Rs. 7.2 lakh). Each of the 36 bottles will be sold along with a platinum print photograph by award-winning celebrity/fashion photographer Albert Watson. The Scottish photographer is credited with taking iconic images of director Alfred Hitchcock holding a dead goose for Harper's Bazaar in 1973.

In 2010, The Macallan commissioned Watson to depict the journey, the whisky-maker's sherry oak cask wood makes from the forests of Spain to their "spiritual home" in Speyside, Scotland.

A cheaper, $1,000 (Rs 45,000) bottle of 20-year-old whisky that is also part of the Macallan-Watson collaboration will be on sale too. Only 1,000 of these Macallan whisky bottles will be available.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

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